Head of Mission Kingdom Bahrain Embassy in Algeria 2023

 Informations about head Mission of kingdom of Bahrain Embassy in Algeria for 2023 - ALGERIA GUIDE


  • 1- Head of Mission of Kingdom of Bahrain Embassy in Algeria for 2023 Name: Mr. Fuad Sadiq Al-Baharna
  • 2018 Mr. Abdelkader Messahel, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, received a copy of the credentials of His Excellency Ambassador Fuad Sadiq Al-Baharna, the appointed Ambassador of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria."
Career of Bahrain Kingdom's Embassy Mission Mr. Fuad Sadiq Al-Baharna:

  • 1989 Mr. Faud Sadiq Al-Baharna joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • 1991 Mr Sadiq Al-Baharna Worked in the departments: political, economic, Arab and organizations management.
  • 1995 Mr. Faud Sadiq Al-Baharna was Second Secretary, Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the Republic of Tunisia.
  • 2001 Mr. Faud Sadiq Al-Baharna was the First Secretary, Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the United Kingdom.
  • 2008 Mr Faud Sadiq Al-Baharna was Counselor at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • 2013 Me Faud Sadiq Al-Baharna was the Head of the Department of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and regional organizations and blocs
Social Media and Contacts Head of Bahrain kingdom's Embassy Mission in Algeria Mr Faud Sadiq Al-Baharna:

Bahrain kingdom's and Algeria Relationship:

the relationship between the Kingdom of Bahrain and Algeria is generally characterized by diplomatic ties and cooperation in various fields.

1. **Diplomatic Relations**: Both countries maintain diplomatic relations and have embassies in each other's capitals.

2. **Economic Ties**: There may be economic and trade relations between the two countries, including agreements to promote and protect investments. The relationship could encompass collaboration in sectors like energy, industry, and technology.

3. **Regional and International Cooperation**: Both Bahrain and Algeria are members of various international and regional organizations, including the Arab League. This common membership often leads to cooperation on regional and global issues.

4. **Cultural Exchange**: There might be some cultural and educational exchanges between the two countries, promoting understanding and collaboration.

Kingdom of Bahrain Embassy in Algeria location and Contacts informations 2023:

Bahrain's kingdom embassy in algeria 2023
source image: screenshot from Google map

  • Phone number: 0021323459212 / 0021323459213
  • Fax number: 0021323459212
  • Adresse location: Villa no- 17 Road no- 5 Prado Street in Hydra
  • Head of Mission: Embassador Mr Faud Sadiq Al-Baharna.
  • Country key: 00213
  • City key: 023
  • Email: Algiers.Mission @ mofa.gov.bh
  • Website: https://www.mofa.gov.bh/Default.aspx?tabid=3622&language=en-US
  • Work hours: 09:00 am to 03:00 am holidays Friday and Saturday 
  • Facebook page: No Page
  • Twitter: @Fbahrainembdz
  • Instagram: @bahdiplomatic
  • YouTube: @bahrainvideo
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