Head of Mission of Jordan embassy in Algeria 2023

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  • Head Mission of Jordan embassy in algeria for 2023 name: Mr. Shaker Atallah Al-Amoush
  • 2021 Mr. Shaker Atallah Al-Amoush is The Ambassador of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to the Democratic Republic of Algeria was appointed, and he is also a non-resident ambassador of the Queen of Jordan to the Republic of Guinea since 2022

Career Head Mission of Jordan Embassy in Algeria Mr. Shaker Atallah Al-Amoush:

  • Mr shaker Atallah Al-Amoush held the position of Director of the Department and the Middle East at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs, and Deputy Ambassador of the Kingdom of Jordan to the State of Kuwait.

Social Media and Contacts Head of Mission of Jordan Embassy Mission in Algeria Mr : Shaker Atallah Al-Amoush:

  • No Contacts or social media information

Jordan and Algeria Relationship:

Jordan and Algeria might not have direct connections, but when it comes to international relations, both countries have engaged in various political, economic, and social interactions.

Historically, both nations are members of the Arab League and have collaborated on various regional issues and initiatives. There may be agreements related to trade, cultural exchanges, and diplomatic endeavors. Cooperation on technological advancement and computer science can be part of bilateral relationships, but specific details might require more in-depth examination.

Jordan Embassy in Algeria location and Contacts informations 2023:

Jordan Embassy in Algeria 2023
source image: screenshot from Google map

  • Phone number: 021 692031 / 021 693136
  • Fax number: 021691545
  • Urgent phone number and WhatsApp: 0770206433
  • Email: algiers@fm.gov.jo / Algiers-consular@fm.ov.jo
  • Website: https://www.mfa.gov.jo/Algeria/contents/contact-us
  • Country key: +213
  • City key: 023
  • Head of Mission: Shaker Atallah Al-Amoush
  • Work hours: 09:00 am to 15:00 am holidays Friday and Saturday
  • Facebook page: @jordembdz
  • Twitter: @jordembdz

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