Head of Mission Indonesia Embassy in Algeria for 2023

 Informations about head of Mission Indonesia Embassy in Algeria for 2023 - ALGERIA GUIDE:

  • Head of Mission Indonesia Embassy in Algeria for 2023 Name: Mr. Chalief Akbar
  • Mr. Chalief Akbar was appointed Ambassador of the State of Indonesia to Algeria on October 20, 2020

Career Head Mission of Indonesia Embassy in Algeria Mr. Chalief Akbar:

  • 2014 Mr. Chelief Akbar was appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Hong Kong.

Social Media and Contacts Head of Mission Indonesia Embassy in Algeria Mr: Chalief Akbar:

Indonesia and Algeria Relationship:

Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia, known for its diverse industries such as manufacturing, services, agriculture, and mining. The country's GDP growth had been robust, although it faced challenges due to global economic shifts and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Algeria, on the other hand, has an economy highly dependent on hydrocarbons, with oil and natural gas constituting the majority of its revenue. It also has sectors like agriculture and manufacturing but is largely driven by its energy exports.

The economic relationship between Indonesia and Algeria may not be very prominent, but there have been instances of trade and investment. Key areas of trade might include Indonesia's export of palm oil, rubber, and textiles, and Algeria's export of oil and gas.

There could be potential collaborations in sectors like renewable energy, technology, and infrastructure development. However, it would require detailed market analysis and diplomatic negotiations to strengthen economic ties between the two countries.
The economy between Indonesia and Algeria is growing, although perhaps not yet at a very significant level. 

1. **Trade**: There is an exchange of goods between these two countries, although the volume of trade may not be as large as with other countries. Indonesia may export products such as palm oil, rubber, textiles and other manufactured products to Algeria. Meanwhile Algeria may export oil and gas. 

2. **Investment**: There is potential for co-investment in various sectors, such as energy, infrastructure and technology. The two countries may have signed several agreements to facilitate joint investment. 

3. **Technical and Development Cooperation**: There may also be cooperation in the technical and development fields, with the exchange of expertise and education to support economic development in both countries. 

4. **Opportunities and Challenges**: While there are opportunities to expand economic relations, there may also be challenges, such as different regulations, standards and other trade barriers that need to be overcome. These economic relations can be strengthened through economic diplomacy, bilateral trade agreements, and other collaborative efforts to overcome obstacles and take advantage of opportunities.

Indonesia Embassy in Algeria location and Contacts informations 2023:

Mr Chalief Akbar head Mission of Indonesia Embassy in Algeria
source image: screenshot from Google map

  • Phone number: 023471561
  • Fax number: 023471538
  • Country key: +213
  • City key: 023
  • Email: alger.kbri@kemlu.go.id
  • Website: https://kemlu.go.id/algiers/en/
  • Facebook page: @indonesiainalger
  • Twitter: @kbri_alger
  • Instagram: @indonesiainalger
  • YouTube: @kbrialgertv4720
  • Head of Mission: Mr. Chalief Akbar
  • Work hours: 09:00 am to 15:00 am holidays Friday and Saturday
  • Location: 61, Avenue Souidani Boudjemaa, B.P. 62, El Mouradia, Algiers, Algeria

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